Cupid's Pulse Article: Madonna Says ‘Head Is Going to Explode’ from Single MotherhoodCupid's Pulse Article: Madonna Says ‘Head Is Going to Explode’ from Single Motherhood

Since Madonna split from film director Guy Ritchie in 2008, it hasn’t been easy being a single, working mother.  The “Material Girl” hopes to inspire others in her situation with her upcoming album MDNA, where she expresses the challenges of juggling life as a single parent.  “I hope I’m a role model.  I hope I give other girls a voice. . . someone to look up to and admire,” Madonna said, according to  “I keep rolling with the punches and trying to have integrity.”  With this album, the pop singer hopes to inspire women and give them the strength to handle whatever struggles come their way.

What are some ramifications of being a single parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

Raising children on your own is a difficult task.  Cupid has a few things to consider:

1. Time: Everyone needs the chance to stop and just breath sometimes, but when you’re a single parent finding that time between juggling work and taking care of your kids can be impossible.  Consider taking your friends and families up on their offers to give you a break once in a while.

2. Stress:  Without being able to take that time you need to breath, you can become stressed and overworked, which can be unhealthy for your body and your relationships with your children.  Schedule time for yourself wherever possible, even if that means sitting in a massage chair after your kids go to sleep.

3. Money:  Typically for single parents money is tight.  You’ll have to be responsible and frugal with how you spend your money, and spending it on luxuries and wants is rare.  Luckily, kids do nothing but grow, so eventually they’ll be old enough to take care of themselves.

How has single parenthood affected your life?  Share your comments below.