Cupid's Pulse Article: Snooki is Proposed to With a 5-Carat RingCupid's Pulse Article: Snooki is Proposed to With a 5-Carat Ring

A year ago Nicole “Snooki” Polizzo took boyfriend Jionni LaValle with her to a jewelry store to pick up her birthday present from her dad.  She pointed out some of her favorite engagement rings, and little did she know, her LaValle was taking notes.  “She wanted something very nice, something that’s gonna be timeless and with diamonds all around,” Ben Bekdas, the store owner, told People.  “And that’s what he actually got her.”  According to Bekdas, LaValle came back into the store with specific ideas for the ring.  After collaborating with the store’s staff, the perfect design was created.  The ring has an eternity band containing two carats of diamonds and a central 3.2-carat diamond princess cut stone that is set in platinum.  Its estimated value is about $55,000.  LaValle picked up the ring last month and proposed to Polizzi.

What do you do if your partner gives you a ring you dislike?

Cupid’s Advice:

Receiving a ring that you don’t like is a major problem.  After your partner spent a huge amount of money to surprise you, how do you say you don’t like it?  Cupid has some advice:

1. Fess up: Your first option is to be honest.  Speak up and tell your partner you aren’t a fan of the ring.  If they really care about you, they will understand.  Offer to go pick out a different ring together.

2. Drop hints: Things like not wearing your ring or mentioning other rings that you like will definitely make your partner think.  However, your sweetheart may be thinking that you don’t want to marry them, and not necessarily that you dislike their choice of diamonds.

3. Deal with it: Choosing to never say anything to your partner will leave their feelings unhurt.  But, can you live with an engagement ring that you dislike?  This is not just a birthday gift you can hide in a drawer; you are going to be wearing your ring every day and proudly showing it off to your friends and family.

What did you do when your partner gave you a ring you didn’t like?  Share your stories below.