Cupid's Pulse Article: 4 Wedding Styles of the Rich and FamousCupid's Pulse Article: 4 Wedding Styles of the Rich and Famous

By Lauren Martina, ASID and Katherine Shell Benson

When it comes to upcoming trends, we can guarantee that the hottest engaged celebrity couples will be showcasing the latest and greatest.  In fact, we had so much fun pairing the most talked about celebrity brides-to-be with the wedding styles that everyone is talking about!   Here’s our forecast for what we think we will see in 2012!

Anne Hathaway: When we think of Anne Hathaway, we think of vintage elegance.  Between her classic fashion style and the grace she exudes each time she walks out of her door, we believe that a Vintage Elegance wedding is what fits her best.  Although her wedding will be in NYC, this very popular style can be scaled up and used in any setting from penthouse rooftops to grand hotel ballrooms.

Jessica Simpson: Very Southern and hand done outdoor weddings are huge right now and are not going away any time soon.  One of the things we love about Jessica Simpson is that she is authentic, and this is the type of wedding we can see her having this time around … very intimate, Southern and hands on.

Britney Spears: Although this is not her first rodeo, we believe she has found the one this time!  With two adorable boys, and the reputation of sometimes going against the grain (which isn’t so bad sometimes when an electric razor isn’t involved), we can’t imagine Ms. Spears in a traditional white dress.  This is why we are pairing her in a colored Vera Wang dress, which is one of 2012’s hottest trends.

Jessica Biel: Luxe Weddings are all the rage right now, and if you go to any Canadian wedding source (Canada is always a step ahead when it comes to wedding trends), you will see what we mean.  Who better to have one than Jessica Biel?  We envision her wedding very luxe with champagne and gold trims, acanthus leaves and lots of  layered texture.  We can see her and Justin Timberlake with this fabulous Luxe cake from The Cake Opera Co.  Love this!

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