Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Coffee House Cider and Pumpkin PieCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Coffee House Cider and Pumpkin Pie

By Steven Zangrillo

Sometimes you and your babe need to have a sweet snack, and it doesn’t really matter in what form.  It was once described to me as “the need to pour a bag of sugar in a bowl and eat it.”  Since it’s culturally reprehensible to eat like that on a date, you may want to take your loved one for some hot apple cider and pumpkin pie instead.

A low-key, cozy coffee house setting will do this idea justice.  You could go to Starbucks any day.  Instead, try to find a place that’s off the beaten path.  A fun fact about this type of date is that it is also cost effective.  Cider and pie can be cozy and romantic while costing less than a mere $20 dollars.

Don’t be shy. Cuddle close to each other and share a slice of pumpkin pie, carrot cake, or whatever your tastes call for. Many of these coffee shops have love seats and couches. You can kick back and relax, sipping gently as the quirky, coffee house world buzzes around you. If you’re lucky, they will have booked some acoustic entertainment for the night. Do you two have a “song?” Request it secretly, if you can. Watch your sweetheart get all giddy when it starts to play.

Overall, this is the kind of date that is light on your wallet and heavy on the good vibes. Dig in.

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