Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Seasonal Ale-House ExcursionCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Seasonal Ale-House Excursion

By Steven Zangrillo

The first weekend in October whips in on the back of those brisk Fall gusts, blowing leaves past you and your partner as you stroll down a block of your favorite city. Where are you two lovebirds headed? The nearest Ale House, of course. October is the time of year when the best micro-breweries from around the country release their Autumn-themed lagers and ales. It’s about time you two pulled up a stool and enjoyed a frosty brew together.

The last decade has yielded a bountiful assortment of new specialty breweries, taking American beer and morphing it from a pale swill into a flavor culture with an intricate identity. Try a multitude of options and compare them with your significant other. You can even consult your server about the best beer and food pairings. There’s nothing wrong with learning something new together, right? You can choose from pumpkin spice, fresh hop, or the various Oktoberfest varieties.

The best part of all, of course, is the opportunity for you two to relax together on your date. Some of the best conversations start with a smile, a laugh, and a clink of the glass.

You might call it just “going for a beer,” but relationships are rooted in friendship. This kind of excursion can strengthen your foundation and leave you with great conversation that will create memories for years to come.

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