Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Interview: Pick-Up Artist Mehow Shares His SecretsCupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Interview: Pick-Up Artist Mehow Shares His Secrets

By Samantha Mucha

As women, we read countless articles, stories, opinions and anything else we can get our hands on to help us understand what guys want.  Now, there is no need to worry anymore, ladies: Mehow has your answers.

Who is Mehow?

Mehow is one of the most well-known Pick-Up Artists (PUA) in the world of seduction.  Back in 2006, he started his own Website called Mehow Inc. where he used his experience and his expert advice to help men meet women and develop happy and successful relationships.

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When asked about the top three qualities men look for in women, Mehow replied, “First of all it’s hotness, but that’s just the truth, right? That’s the number one thing for men.”

However, woman who may not be the best looking still have a great shot at getting the guy they want.  “Fun and personality are a big factor,” Mehow reveals, but really, “It depends on the guy.  A normal dude will look at her stuff, level of fun and see if she’s being logical.  She has a better shot, if she has her life together.”

Be fun, cool, compelling and confident.  According to this PUA, that’s what it takes to make yourself more attractive to men.

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So how does Mehow know so much about women?  He has been working as a PUA for about seven years and has talked to thousands of girls.  He has compiled tons of research and sometimes uses hidden cameras to look at women’s reactions to his methodology.  He uses specific methods and ways of communication to make women feel comfortable, but also allow the guy to communicate well.  Taking his work a step further, he even believes that with the right amount of funding, he could scientifically prove some of his theories.

Believe it or not, “women are primarily attracted to men’s personalities, and men are primarily attracted to women’s looks,” says Mehow.

If that’s true, then what can women do to help guys – and themselves – out?

“Gives guys a chance,” he urges, sharing his number one piece of advice for women.  “Guys often ask themselves the question, ‘Is she cool with who I am?’  A guy’s biggest fear is how to approach a woman.”

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Women also need to remember that there is no perfect guy; they all make mistakes.  If your new man messes up once or twice in the beginning of your relationship, forgive him, accept his screw up and move past it.

Mehow also describes “super hot girl A.D.D.”  He says that this refers to the “perfect 10” girl who has no problem getting what she wants but cannot focus on anything serious for more than a minute due to the fact that she was handed everything just from being good-looking.  “Perfect 10’s screw it up.  How a woman appears to the world around her changes her social behavior.”   His advice to these women is to slow down and take a risk with someone.  Attractive women should find one guy who they like and stay with him.

The moral of the story is to give guys a better shot.  No matter what the situation may be, guys are deserving of a second or maybe even third chance to impress a woman and show off their knight-in-shining-armor side.

No matter who you’re dating – even if it’s Mehow himself or someone who he’s trained very well – you have to be able to let go of small errors and see the bigger picture.  “Guys can’t be players forever,” Mehow says.

You can catch Mehow using his system to “pair up perfect couples” on his new reality television show coming out this fall.

That’s all Mehow was able to tell us without sharing too many secrets, but we know enough to know that he is the master of getting inside the heads of both men and women.

You can check out YouTube in the meantime to see how his methodology works.