Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive: Bachelor Pad 2 Winner Holly Durst Plans Honeymoon in St. Lucia with Fiancé Blake JulianCupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive: Bachelor Pad 2 Winner Holly Durst Plans Honeymoon in St. Lucia with Fiancé Blake Julian

By Lori Bizzoco

This summer, former Bachelor Pad reality stars Holly Durst and Blake Julian will have an intimate wedding in South Carolina and set off to the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia for a romantic, one-week honeymoon.

“Blake is everything I’ve been looking for,” Holly gushed.  “I liked him from the moment that I met him and I couldn’t deny that.  We have the best chemistry together.”

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As many fans know, Holly and Blake’s path to wedded bliss was all but easy for fans who watched it unfold on national television.  Holly and her ex-fiance, Season 5 Bachelorette contestant, Michael Stagliano both appeared on the spinoff series, Bachelor Pad 2 last summer.  Although the two weren’t together romantically, they partnered as a team, and split the grand prize of $250,000 dollars.  But, for Holly money wasn’t all that she won.  It was on that show that she met her future husband, Greenville, South Carolina Dentist, Blake Julian.

When asked if she watches the current episode of The Bachelor, Holly says she “keeps up” with her reality TV Alma Mater, but says that Blake likes it more than she does.  “He likes Ben a lot, they were buddies on their season together.”

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Ben and most of their fellow contestants from Bachelor Pad 2 will be invited to their June 2 wedding in South Carolina.  “Invitations are almost ready to go out,” she laughs. “We had a little envelope emergency and the stamps wouldn’t stick on the finish of the envelopes so we spread them all over the apartment to get the stamps to stick and dry.”  Holly says that’s the only snafu they’ve faced, everything else has been easy sailing.

The wedding will take place June 2nd (one day before Blake’s 29th birthday) and they are estimating about 150 guests to attend the southern affair that will be decorated in a neutral tone of white.  “I wanted a color that wouldn’t date the photos. But, there will be a hint of pink throughout, because I love pink so much.”  Holly chose Alfred Angelo for her dress and pink for her six bridesmaids, all of whom are close friends and family.

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I am the opposite of Bridezilla, she said.  “I’m just going to show up the day of the wedding and say alright that’s good, thanks.”

In addition to planning the wedding, this month Holly is launching her first children’s book.  “I have been writing for about six years and I have several children’s books and a novel in the works.”  Holly says that she always wanted to write a book that inspired kids that they could be and do anything that they wanted to in life.  “I wanted to encourage other kids growing up not to be afraid of anything and to follow their dreams.”  The result of this passion is “Chocolate Socks,” a book about taking what you love and doing whatever you want with it. Holly has always had a love for children, and even went to school to be a teacher before deciding that writing children’s books was her calling.

When asked about having kids of her own, she said we aren’t planning for it but if it happens it happens.  “Blake wants two kids, and I want two or three, preferably twins!”  Dating Michael who was a twin wasn’t what convinced her, she has eight sets of twins in her own family lineage.

Holly certainly keeps herself busy, dental assistant, children’s author and soon-to-be wife. But, regardless of her hectic life,  she is still booming with happiness about finally becoming Blake’s wife.

The wedding festivities are set to begin this month with Blake’s ski-themed bachelor party taking place this month in Colorado and Holly’s bachelorette party in LA in May.

Visit Amazon to get your own copy of Holly Durst’s new inspiring children’s book, Chocolate Socks.