Cupid's Pulse Article: Ashton Kutcher Indulges in PDA at Oscars Bash with Gal PalCupid's Pulse Article: Ashton Kutcher Indulges in PDA at Oscars Bash with Gal Pal

Ashton Kutcher, 34, took Lorene Scafaria, 33, as his date to Madonna and Guy Oseary’s annual Oscars after party.  According to, the couple socialized with Cameron Diaz, Diddy, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Although Kutcher’s rep has denied the duo being couple, a source said, “They were affectionate.  They held hands and she rubbed his back and neck.”  This was all very different for Kutcher, whose date for the past several years had been Demi Moore.

What are some ways to introduce your new partner to friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

Introducing your new lover to your friends can go great or horribly wrong.  Cupid has some tips to make sure it goes smoothly:

1. Prep: Tell your new man about your friends, and dish to your friends about your new man.  A surprise meet and greet will be awkward for everyone.  If you forewarn your man about your goofy friend who laughs when she meets new people, he won’t feel like she is laughing at him and the process will be effortless.

2. Neutral location: Don’t show up at your girlfriend’s house, which is like your second home, with your new boyfriend.  It will surely be uncomfortable for him.  Try having a group of friends meet a bar or bowling alley.  That way, you can all mingle and everyone meets your new beau in one shot.

3. Be proud: Have confidence when you introduce your sweetheart to your friends.  If they think you’re embarrassed of him, they are going to assume something’s wrong.  The last thing you want is friends who disapprove of your new man and a boyfriend who feels insecure about your relationship.

How did you introduce your new partner to your friends?  Share your stories here.