Cupid's Pulse Article: Russell Brand is Daddy MaterialCupid's Pulse Article: Russell Brand is Daddy Material

Comedian Russell Brand has the faith of fiancée Katy Perry when it comes to his abilities as a future father. People reported last week that the pop singer thinks Brand will “be perfect” as a baby daddy, a quality she says was key for her in looking for a potential husband.  The two have been engaged since January.

Is being a good parent the most important trait in a future spouse?

Cupid’s Advice:

Perry knew what she was looking for when it came to a future husband.  If you want to have children, then yes, it’s important to find someone you think will be a good parent.  However, it’s a good idea to talk about your goals before thinking about getting hitched:

1. Prioritize: If having children is not something you’re considering, the potential to be a good parent – while a good characteristic to have in general – isn’t necessary.  Figure out what your future plans are before you looking for your ideal mate.

2. Break the ice: If you decide that being a parent is something you want, make sure you broach the subject with your mate carefully.  This can be a touchy and intimidating subject for people, so tread delicately.

3. Make plans: If having a child is something you both want, and marriage is already in the works, then go ahead and plan for a family.  This is a life change that should be addressed ahead of time.