Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Sends One of Three Women HomeCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Sends One of Three Women Home

Ben Flajnik had an eventful weekend in Switzerland with the final three contestants of The Bachelor, Courtney, Lindzi and Nicki.  Previously eliminated Kacie B. even made a surprise appearance.  According to People, Kacie said, “I didn’t see that coming at all,” talking about their breakup to Flajnik.  “It’s hard for me to get that out of my head.”  Ben explained that he felt he was protecting Kacie by ending things when he did.  She replied with a final piece of advice about Courtney.  “I feel like if you were to choose Courtney you would get your heart broken.  It seems like she’s in it to win it… It makes me sick to think that you could be hurt again.”  Disregarding Kacie’s advice, Flajnik gave roses to Courtney and Lindzi.  “I just hope you’re making the right decision,” Nicki told Ben, who said, “Believe me, I do too.”

What do you do if you see your friend making relationship mistakes?

Cupid’s Advice:

Watching your friend make mistakes is hard, but so is trying to intervene with his or her relationship.  Here are some friendly ways to have your pal’s back:

1. Get your facts straight: Before taking your referee skills center court, be sure you know what you are breaking up.  For all you know, your friend could be giving you one-sided stories and their partner is completely guilt -free.  Observe as a separate third party to be sure your assistance is necessary.

2. Approach your friend: When you are positive there’s an issue, point it out to your friend.  She may not even be aware that her boyfriend is sounding like her father.  Once his flaws are showing, your friend will hopefully clear things up on her own.

3. Offer advice: If your gal pal doesn’t help herself, it’s time to step in and try to make some changes.  Give her some advice; tell her how you would handle the situation.  Don’t tell her exactly what to do, though, because that could just cause problems within your friendship.  

What did you do when you saw your friend making relationship mistakes?  Share your stories below.