Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16 Episode 9: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Discuss Ben’s Final Dates in SwitzerlandCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16 Episode 9: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Discuss Ben’s Final Dates in Switzerland

By Lori Bizzoco

On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, it was time for Ben Flajnik to narrow the girls down to two.  The scene for the infamous one-on-one fantasy suite dates was set in Switzerland where Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney had the opportunity to get some alone time with Ben.  In the middle of it all, was an unexpected twist.  Kacie B. decided to return.  She timidly knocked on Ben’s hotel room door and wanted him to give her a reason why he let her go. His reasoning being simply because they were “world’s apart.”  Personally, we didn’t think he could muster up the courage to say that her parents were too old-fashioned for his taste (e.g., they were opposed to having their daughter move in with him before she was married).  Kacie then continued the conversation by letting Ben know that Courtney was up to no good and could break his heart.  This all happened directly following Ben’s one-on-one talk with Courtney about this very issue.  Nevertheless, when it came to the final rose ceremony it wasn’t Courtney being sent home; it was Nicki.  Sometimes, a man has to do, what a man has to do.  And, then there were two!  As if we didn’t know who was “winning!”   Here’s a look at the weekly Q&A from your resident Bachelor Couple, Ann and Jesse Csincsak:

1. Overall, what did you think of tonight’s episode? What was your favorite part?

Jesse: It’s was very uneventful!  I was glad to see Kacie come back; it made it a little more interesting.

Ann: I enjoy watching the show more towards the end because you’re a little more invested in the girls and who goes home and who stays. In the beginning, I don’t care as much about who gets cut!

2. Ben seems extremely confused (for good reason), is there anyone he can call or talk to about his feelings or is it all on him?

Jesse: Nope! He’s all alone on this one. He really isn’t even supposed to talk to his family.

Ann: No, the producers are not the ones to talk to because to be honest they are probably the CEO’s and Board of directors for Team Courtney, THEY want him to pick her.

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3. That scene where Ben and Nicki were dropped off on the cliff by helicopter, how long do they leave them there in the middle of nowhere?

Jesse: A couple of hours they just film a couple of shots and all the producers and camera men are there.

Ann: I would say they were up there long enough to get a good shot and kiss and that’s about it. It just made for good TV because it was so dramatic to be standing on a cliff.

4. Why do they keep making Lindzi do these daring dates instead of giving her a romantic one-on-one? Do you think these type of dates work for or against someone?

Jesse: She told producers she was afraid of heights so they play on that. I think he likes her at this point so the dates are just for show.

Ann: They have her do it 1) because she is afraid of heights. 2) He is probably not as romantically interested in her. They just have a really good time together. I think in the begging these stunts work well for women because it shows a sense of adventure in them but towards the end it just feels like a repeat of the daring ones from the beginning.

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5. What’s really going on in the fantasy suite?

Jesse: Exactly what you think happens in the fantasy suite happens in the fantasy suite.

Ann: N/A

6. Do you think Courtney was sincere in apologizing? Do you think she really likes Ben?

Jesse: Yes and no. I think she’s sorry she is getting flack but not sorry she’s gotten so much attention.

Ann: I think she likes the idea of ben and WINNING! That’s it.

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7. What did you think of Kacie B’s return? Was that done by the producers to position her as the next Bachelorette like we’ve seen many times before?

Jesse: Totally produced! I don’t think she’ll be the Bachelorette but you’ll see her again on the pad.

Ann: I think she will be forgotten by the time the next Bachelorette (after Emily) comes around, so no. But it was producer planned and it made for a few minutes of excitement. I kept thinking he would let her come back.

8. What would you do if you were Ben and everyone kept warning you about someone you had strong feelings for?

Jesse: Ignore it! People do what they want in the end.

Ann: It would depend on how I felt for that person. There are plenty of people my friends have dated that were bad news and me telling my friend made no difference to them. Maybe it gets someone thinking but in the end people have to decide for themselves.

9. Anything you hope to hear or see on the tell-all next week?

Jesse: A whole bunch of drama! Haha! They are gonna destroy Courtney and she can’t even defend herself. Oh well!