Cupid's Pulse Article: Melissa Rycroft Turns in Her Tap Shoes for Baby BootiesCupid's Pulse Article: Melissa Rycroft Turns in Her Tap Shoes for Baby Booties

Reality TV star Melissa Rycroft is expecting her first baby with husband Tye Strickland.  Rycroft told US Weekly that while they are thrilled, the baby news was a shock, and they weren’t trying to get pregnant.  Meanwhile, Rycroft and Strickland are quite the busy couple.  Talking with Good Morning America earlier this week, Rycroft said, “Apparently Tye and I wanted to see how many life-changing events we could fit into one calendar year… from getting engaged, married, new job, and we are now pregnant.”  The former Dancing with the Stars and Bachelor contestant tied the knot with the insurance agent in December.

What’s the best way to juggle parenthood and a busy career?

Cupid’s Advice:

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a couple juggling work, a family, and everyday life.  With more women in the workplace, finding that balance can be a challenge.  Let Cupid help:

1. Get a routine down: If you and your spouse both need to work, make sure to set up daily schedules.  This will get you into a rhythm, and will help your child adjust to a routine, which can cut down on behavioral issues.

2. Set priorities: While it’s good to try to get a lot accomplished in one day, set priorities so you don’t burn yourself out, or miss out on opportunities.  One working mother said, “When deciding between attending a meeting or a school event, for example, use the five-year test.  In five years, will I look back and say, ‘I wish I’d gone to a school play or that meeting?’  You may decide you have to go to that meeting but give yourself a little bit of a time perspective about what your priorities are.”  Also, when you set priorities, you will become more productive at work and parenting.

3. Explore all options: It’s not a bad idea to look for help in the form of a housekeeper, nanny, or daycare program.  This will take some of the burden off of you, and with a reputable daycare your child is in good hands.  To find a good one, talk to friends, family, or go online for resources.  If you have questions on what to do when leaving your child with a new sitter, check out these tips from Bright Horizons.