Cupid's Pulse Article: Exes Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborate on SongCupid's Pulse Article: Exes Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborate on Song

Rihanna and Chris Brown recently spent time working on the other’s songs, which were released on Monday.  This collaboration was completely unexpected after the domestic violence drama the two went through in 2009.  However, according to People, the pair were spending time together the night of the Grammy’s, which marked three years since the incident.  On Twitter the former couple have been displaying friendly behavior.  The lyrics Brown sings in Rihanna’s song are inappropriate; however, they do suggest he is missing her.  Rihanna’s lyrics are more straight forward: “I love you baby,” she sings.

Why would a woman reconnect with an ex who physically hurt her?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dealing with past abuse is a very difficult topic for a woman to discuss.  Here are some reasons it’s natural (yet dangerous) to reconnect with an abusive ex:

 1. He is forcing her: It’s rare for someone to run back to their abusive partner, but often times threats have something to do with it.  These threats could be dangerous, as well as powerful and frightening for  a woman who does not know what options she has.

2. She thinks it will be different: Some women believe that when a man says, “I’ve changed” that he means it.  However, an abusive man rarely ever fully changes, and there is always a chance of history repeating itself.

3. She is in denial: When men are abusive, they are often able to force a woman into believing that the abuse is her own fault.  This is never the truth.  No one deserves to be abused.  When a woman does not realize that what is going on is a serious problem, they will often return to the man.

Do you know a woman who reconnected with her abusive ex?  Share your stories and advice below.