Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16 Episode 8: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Discuss Hometown Dates (Three Girls and a Wedding)Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16 Episode 8: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Discuss Hometown Dates (Three Girls and a Wedding)

By Lori Bizzoco

This week on The Bachelor Season 16 with Ben Flajnik, we were taken to the horse country, the Bible Belt, a Texas-style dress-up party and a mock wedding.  Yes, three women and a wedding.  Lindzi got to show Ben what it was like to race horses, ride horses and grow up with horses all around her.  She said she rode before she even walked.  Nikki’s fun-loving spirit led Ben into a Texan cowboy store where they both bought hats and boots and sported being a Texan all day.  Ben said it was something that he always wanted to do.  Courtney invited Ben not only to meet her family but to meet his future wife (her) in a full-course wedding with an officiant and all.  They exchanged vows in what some Twitter followers say was a rip-off of Sex and the City.  Overall, the parents seemed down-to-earth and warm towards Ben.  However, the one family that didn’t welcome him as easily was Kacie B.  Unfortunately, their traditional values and lack of alcohol consumption (after all, Ben is a wine maker) probably got in the way of his feelings for her.  At the end of the episode, she was the one who was sent packing.

Here’s this week’s Q&A commentary from Ann and Jesse Csincsak:

1. What are your thoughts on Ben’s horse date with Lindzi?

Jesse: Umm Lindz is the whole package!  She is down-to-earth and fun.  Her parents are super fun and she is not bad to look at either.

Ann: Very cute!  It seemed very true to who she is.  Not just sitting around the house but outdoors enjoying life.

2. What did you think of the coincidences between Lindzi’s parents and Ben and Lindzi’s first date?

Jesse: Her parents are easy going and I think they would be fun to have as in-laws.

Ann: I thought it was funny Lindzi didn’t know any of that stuff about her parents but very funny coincidences…

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3. Do you think Kacie B’s conservative family had anything to do with Ben not choosing her? Why?

Jesse: No one and I mean NO ONE wants to have in-laws that are up tight and tell you how you’re gonna live your life with your other half.  LET PEOPLE LIVE THERE LIVES!!

Ann: Yes!!! I think that was most of the reason. If Jesse asked my dad if he could marry me and my dad said no that would be a big deal.  Ben must have sensed that after meeting them.

4. Thoughts on Bachelor Ben in a Texas cowboy get up?

Jesse: I know nothing about fashion but I am sure my wife would call it a #FashionFail

Ann: Gag! Ben looked hilarious in that hat. Thank God he didn’t audition for Sweet Home Alabama.

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5. There were four bottles of wine opened on this episode (maybe more) over promotional? normal? or on the brink of alcoholism?

Jesse:  Producers pump you full of alcohol and try to get you to say things that you wouldn’t normally say- PERIOD.

Ann: Most people would call that alcoholism on the bachelor it’s just another Monday night!

6. What did you think about Courtney’s family? She obviously picked up the skinny dipping hobby from her dad if you saw the last few moments of the episode!

Jesse:  Courtney’s family seemed ok but she still seems to act like she is better than them or above them.  I can’t really put my finger on it.  The producers are definitely realizing that they need to redeem Courtney and her image and as far as I am concerned it’s just too late.  And the wedding was a total repeat of a date Ashley Hebert had on her season.  I really wish the producers would stop recycling dates!

Ann:  They seemed nice but very negative and skeptical. Probably where she gets it from!  I hope she didn’t steal skinny dipping tips from her dad.

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7. What would you have done if you were the Bachelor/Bachelorette and someone played out the whole marriage scenario like Courtney did?

Jesse: I would refuse.  Marriage is the real deal not something fun to do for a joke on a date.

Ann:  I wouldn’t do it.  It would be funny for a second but vows and a ring exchange was too much.  Being married and having that moment is serious and shouldn’t be cheapened for a good TV episode.

8. Do you think Courtney took a risk setting up the whole wedding or she smartly played right to the cameras?

Jesse: It was totally produced.  It was a cut and paste date from Ashley H.’s season.

Ann: I think the cameras and producers set it all up and Courtney said YES!  They have very little to do with the dates.

9. Any thoughts or surprises with the final rose ceremony?

Jesse: I thought Nikki could be the one to go home but Kacie’s parents shot any of her chances down.  It’s okay Kacie; you’re a doll.  You will be just fine.

Ann:  I was surprised Kacie B. went home but not surprised after her family’s reaction to Ben. Her family doesn’t even drink and he MAKES WINE for a living… Those two don’t add up.

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10. Are you looking forward to watching Emily on the next season of ‘The Bachelorette’?

Jesse: I think LIttle Miss Golddigger’s season will be the worst one yet.  How can you watch someone that you know is a LIAR?  She claims that she hates the press and the cameras but yet she’s The Bachelorette?  Sorry, not interested in seeing you send 24 guys home and choose an ARMDOLL to prance around with for a few months after your season is done.  Total fail in my opinion.  Her season will be as fake as it gets!

Ann: Yes, but to be honest it’s to see her fashion choices.  She has great style.

11. They showed what looked to be a dramatic trailer and a surprise appearance on Emily’s season, who do you think comes back?

Jesse: Honestly, I think we will either see Brad or Bentley.  Either one would be stupid to come back for her.

Ann: That scene was from her season with Brad but I think it might be brad that shows up or at least I hope it is.

12. Do you think the producers will do what’s needed to keep Emily’s daughter, Ricki close by?  Do you know what took place when Jason Mesnick went on the show?

Jesse: I think Emily bringing them to the south to film is going to be a total train wreck and having her daughter close by is a sketchy situation at best.

Ann: I believe Ty stayed home with Jason’s family, not sure.  I think Ricky will either stay with family back home or Emily’s family is staying in LA with Ricki to be close by.

13. Have you heard anything about Bachelor Pad 3 yet?

Jesse: Nope, but I am sure they have all their producers chipping away at it.

Ann:  No but I have a few good guesses for the new cast!

14. Anything to add?

Jesse: I will be surprised if this show gets resigned after Emily’s season.