Cupid's Pulse Article: What Does Astrology Tell Us About ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik and His Quest for Love?Cupid's Pulse Article: What Does Astrology Tell Us About ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik and His Quest for Love?

By Lori May

Benjamin Flajnik, also known as “Bachelor Ben,” is the latest contestant on The Bachelor to go looking for love. With the season drawing closer to the final episode and live special, more and more fans of the series are perplexed by who Benjamin Flajnik is–and what is he really looking for in a Lady Love?

 What does Astrology tell us about Benjamin Flajnik and his quest for love?

Benjamin Flajnik is a Virgo (Sun Sign placement), based on the public information of his birth date being September 10th, 1982, in California. As an avid fan of The Bachelor, I have tuned in since the beginning of Ben’s season only to be repeatedly amused by just how much of a “typical Virgo” Ben seems to be. Below are a few highlights of the traits, interest, and behaviors of Bachelor Ben’s that led me to apply the “typical Virgo” stamp of approval.

Virgo Man traits Ben exhibits:

Need for Flexibility: Ben has repeatedly commented, both to the camera and to various female contestants, about how much he values and appreciates flexibility. The ability to “go with the flow” seems very important to Bachelor Ben, which is typical not only of Virgos but also the other Mutable Zodiac Signs (Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius, specifically).

Desire for the Outdoors: Several of the girls have stated that they enjoy how rugged Ben is, and how outdoorsy or hands-on his dates have been. Virgo men are typically very good with their hands, have an affinity for the outdoors, and love to take a chaotic situation and make sense of it. Taking the girls fly fishing, paddling down the Panama Canal, or on a scenic picnic during a one-on-one date are all extremely appropriate endeavors for a Virgo.

Guarded Emotions: Many viewers have been concerned that Ben Flajnik seems too reserved, even shy, to be a successful Bachelor. Virgo men tend to keep their emotions in check, not only because of their Mutable nature but also because–like fellow Earth Signs Taurus and Capricorn–emotions are often confusing and even overwhelming to the very logical, practical Virgo man’s mindset.

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Emphasis on Activity: Ben puts a lot of emphasis on physical activities during his dates, even one-on-one adventures, such as his deserted island date with Kacey B. The women’s ability to be productive with him during these physical activities seems very important to Ben, which is very true to Virgo’s hands-on nature.  The ability to work as a couple and accomplish something tangible is extremely appealing and possibly even mandatory in Ben’s potential wife.

Dislikes Being Questioned: The women that have challenged Ben’s decisions and actions do not seem to receive a very receptive response. For example, Emily’s decision to approach Ben about fellow contestant Courtney on two occasions caused Ben to visibly “draw back” from the conversation. Virgo men do not appreciate having their decisions and opinions questioned by others–a very Earth Sign trait–and more than most men, they have a tendency to respond to such questions as though it’s a slight towards their manhood.

Avoids Emotional Outbursts: The women who have consistently seemed overly emotional or unstable have not lasted long this season (i.e., Jenna and Blakely). Alternatively, the more reserved, laid-back ladies seem to put this Virgo Bachelor at ease. One exception to this rule is Courtney, who is consistently intense and even romantically aggressive towards Ben during their alone time.

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Attracted to Physical Qualities: On the subject of Courtney, Ben seemed to be immediately intrigued by her after first seeing her during the introductory segment of the premiere episode. This spark of chemistry and physical attraction seems to have Bachelor Ben very much under Courtney’s spell, which is one weakness most Virgo men share when in love: A tendency to be blinded by physical attraction and chemistry, and to value those connections above a more practical, logical assessment of partners.


What do you think of Benjamin Flajnik’s Virgo behavior? Check back with us here at for further explorations into Bachelor Ben’s Astrology, and our theories about who will go home next–and which girl should stay!