Cupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Radiant’ at Lunch with Jay CutlerCupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Radiant’ at Lunch with Jay Cutler

Expectant parents, Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler, shared a romantic lunch together at Marble Lane Restaurant in New York.  According to People, after both ordering tomato soup, the two ordered salads.  A source said they seemed “super happy, chatting the entire time.  She was very smiley and looked radiant.”  A few days prior to visiting New York for Fashion Week, Cavallari attending a bridal shower for a friend’s upcoming wedding.  The shower took place at a West Hollywood gay bar, The Abbey.

What are some ways to keep the romance in your relationship during pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being pregnant can be stressful for both members of the relationship.  Don’t forget to show each other some love throughout the entire pregnancy.

1. Don’t give up on date nights: Once the baby comes, spending a Friday night alone together is going to nearly impossible.  While you still have the time be sure to show your sweetheart some love.  Do something unique every weekend, even if it’s baby related, like painting the soon-to-be baby’s room.

2. Stay intimate: Don’t give up on being intimate just because you’re pregnant.  If you are feeling uncomfortable, about it talk to your man and tell him.  It’s a guarantee he will be accommodating to your needs so that the two of you can continue sharing private and intimate moments.

3. Communicate: Talk to your partner about any fears or uncertainties you may be having.  Keep yourselves on the same page.  Communicating will allow you to sort through any problems and allow you to have time keep the romance level up.

How did you keep the romance going in your relationship during pregnancy? Share your stories below.