Cupid's Pulse Article: White Collar Star Matt Bomer Comes OutCupid's Pulse Article: White Collar Star Matt Bomer Comes Out

White Collar actor, Matt Bomer, finally came out as gay at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards this Saturday.  After accepting the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the actor made the announcement to the public.  “I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family.  Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is.  You will always be my proudest accomplishment,” he added, according to  Bomer’s partner is Simon Hall, who is a Slate PR publicist.

What are the best ways to come clean about your sexuality to friends and family?

Cupid’s Advice:

The nuclear family is changing, and more people have the confidence to come out about their sexual orientation.  Cupid has some tips to help you be honest with your friends and family:

1. Friends:  Coming out to your friends first will be good practice for when you tell your family.  You’ll get an assortment of reactions, and you’ll be able to identify your true friends.  It will be easier to tell your family once you already have a support system behind you.

2. Be ready: If you have gay friends that have already come out, they may pressure you to hurry and do the same.  Wait until you’re completely ready emotionally and mentally, so that the situation is handled the best it can be.

3. Confidence:  Your biggest fear about coming out may be your friend’s and family’s reactions.  If things take a turn for the worst, be patient and give them time to come to terms with the situation.

What advice would you give your friend or family member about coming out?  Share your comments below.