Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Katy Perry Sing About Russell Brand at the Grammy Awards?Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Katy Perry Sing About Russell Brand at the Grammy Awards?

Newly single Katy Perry may be using her music as an outlet for her divorce with Russell Brand.  A nominee for record of the year, Perry performed at the Grammy Awards.  She came out with “E.T.” and then followed it up with her new song titled “Part of Me.”  According to People, with lyrics like, “You can keep everything.”  It sure sounds like the singer was making a reference to Brand.

How can music help you recover after a tough breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to get over your ex.  Cupid shares some advice about using music as an aid to recovery:

1. Sad love songs: It’s cliche, but true.  Listening to sad music can give you the perfect opportunity to cry and let it out, instead of holding it all in.  It’s a better outlet than venting too much to those outside the relationship.

2. Embrace the music: Taking up a new habit, such as learning a new instrument or joining a singing group can be a good outlet.  It gives you the ability to concentrate on happier moments and forget the lack of compatibility with your ex.

3. Write it out: You don’t have to be a superstar like Katy Perry to embrace the heartache, and write a song about your ex.  It might not hit the charts, but it’ll do the trick.

What are some ways you’ve used music to get over a break up?  Let us know in a comment below.