Cupid's Pulse Article: Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Welcome a Baby SonCupid's Pulse Article: Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Welcome a Baby Son

Robert Downey Jr. welcomed a son, Exton Elias Downey, into the world at 7:24am on Tuesday, Feb 7 in LA.  Downey’s wife, Susan, delivered her son at 7lbs 5oz.  “Everyone is healthy and couldn’t be happier,” a friend said, according to People.  The Sherlock Holmes star revealed the sex of the baby on national television back in August, which was unexpected for his wife.  “I could never really stay mad at him, but I can tell you it genuinely wasn’t something we planned to reveal,” Susan later commented.  The married couple is thrilled to have given Indio, Downey’s 18 year-old son from his previous marriage, a little brother.

What are some reasons to keep the sex of your baby a secret?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people choose to keep the sex of their baby a secret.  Cupid has some possible reasons:

1. Avoiding expectations:  The sex of your baby can be accompanied by expectations.  You avoid comments like, “Since it’s a boy, he’s going to be a handful.”

2. Avoid the pressure of choosing a baby name: Once everyone knows the sex, everyone will be jumping in to give you ideas for your child-to-be’s name.  Either that, or they’ll be bugging you to find out what you’ve chosen.

3. Gender neutral gifts: Getting gifts that aren’t specifically for one gender or the other is actually a blessing if you plan on having more children in the future.  If you end up with all pink baby clothes, you can’t hand them down to a future little boy.

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