Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16, Episode 6: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Weigh in on Awkward Kissing Scene and Serial Nudist CourtneyCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16, Episode 6: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Weigh in on Awkward Kissing Scene and Serial Nudist Courtney

By Lori Bizzoco and Steven Zangrillo

Welcome to Panama.  This season of ‘The Bachelor’ has taken a turn for the… weird.  First, we have serial nudist Courtney Robertson who continues to use her body to command Ben’s attention.  While on the other end of the sexual spectrum, we have prude-gone-wild Jamie who gives full on kissing instructions to Ben.  And, somewhere caught in the middle is Blakely who during the two-on-one date with Rachel, reveals an over-the-top visual board to Ben fantasizing the non-existent romance she was having with him.  Jamie and Blakeley were sent packing.

The one-on-one date was with Kacie B., who Ben took to a  private island (surprise!).  Over the course of the date Kacie divulges that she once had an eating disorder.  Opening up to Ben gets her a rose.  On the group date, the girls are taken a tribal village in Panama. The girls all don traditional Panamanian tribal wear – over their bikinis. Courtney, however, decided that beads alone would do the job.  Ben didn’t look so upset about it.  However, Lindzi was the one receiving the rose much to Courtney’s dismay.

Speaking of being sent home, it was discovered (although with gray areas) that Casey S. has a love interest of her own at home-her (ex) boyfriend Michael who refuses to marry her.  Ben wasn’t too thrilled and Casey is ousted.  And, then there were six!

1. What lessons can we learn from watching Kacie B’s interaction with Ben?

Jesse:  Realness and honesty are key!

Ann:  Be natural and be yourself and it will get you a long way. Like I said a few weeks ago, no games and you will go far in a relationship.

2. Do you think Courtney’s strategy of being sexual will keep her in the competition or will it eventually be her demise?

Jesse:  Demise! Ben will eventually catch on because being sexual only goes so far. Anyone in a long term relationship knows that you can’t base a relationship on it or it will crumble.

Ann:  Normally, I would say that doesn’t work well for women but in this case I think Ben is under some kind of spell and doesn’t realize that he’s making the classic mistake of falling for the wrong things about a girl. Courtney is getting her 15 minutes and she knows that, she’ll come out of this looking dumb with a lot of attention!

3. Next week looks interesting. Any thoughts on what will happen with Courtney?

Jesse:  Maybe she gets pushed off a cliff? A guy can hope. Sorry.

Ann:  I think ‘The Bachelor’ is creating drama this year more than ever. Tonight’s episode is a perfect example. Lots of girls have feelings for other guys and none get called out and sent home.

4. What did you think about Blakeley’s inspiration book?

Jesse:  Creepy. You have known him a month.

Ann:  The scrapbook was way too much! I’m just saying. Talk about too much, too fast. She made a vision book about a life with Ben she didn’t have. Scary.

5. Why didn’t Ben choose Blakeley over Rachel on the two-on-one?

Jesse:  Blakeley is always putting her two girls in his face – not attractive. Get to know him and cover up your bits and pieces.

Ann:  Blakeley came out of nowhere with these serious feelings and was pushing too hard. Lesson for all girls, push too hard and you become too available with no mystery.

6. Regarding Casey S., do you think it’s common that people go on The Bachelor/Bachelorette still in love with their ex?

Jesse:  Every guy or girl who has ever come on this show has an ex back home and probably had some sort of feelings for them. So, the fact that the producers just pulled this nonsense out of nowhere is ridiculous. They will exploit anyone and everyone to get drama for this show. It’s sad really.

Ann:  Yes. I think lots of people go on from all different situations. I think they needed a little drama so they made an example out of this. I think if all those girls were honest on camera they would admit to being there for all different reasons, some including fame (cough, cough Courtney).

7. The show felt pretty uneventful until the awkward kissing scene with Jamie took place, we would love to hear your thoughts on that scene.

Jesse:  I think Jamie was probably told by producers that if she didn’t do something like that, then she was going to be sent home and she fell for it hook line and sinker. I kind of feel bad for her.

Ann:  Horrified! I covered my head cause the awkwardness actually made me uncomfortable. It was like watching someone narrate a sex class.

8. Any predictions for who will go home next week?

Jesse:  Nikki. No one even knows who she is.

Ann:  Emily! Possibly Nikki. I think Emily was kept here for drama but that seems to be gone so, so will she.