Cupid's Pulse Article: Julianne Hough Reveals the Secret to Her Relationship with Ryan SeacrestCupid's Pulse Article: Julianne Hough Reveals the Secret to Her Relationship with Ryan Seacrest

Julianne Hough does not take her relationship for granted.  People reports that the dancer has a difficult time coordinating schedules with radio personality Ryan Seacrest, her beau of nearly two years.  “[Balancing your career and a relationship] is a hard thing to do, especially when you’re so caught up in your work and bettering yourself,” said Hough.  “I’m so lucky that I have a great relationship.  I’m very blessed and I don’t take anything for granted.  I think if you alienate people and just focus on your work then it just becomes lonely and it’s not fun anymore.”

How do you balance your career and relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Balancing your career and your personal life is tough, but it’s even more difficult when you have to coordinate with your partner.  Here are a few ways to balance your career and relationship:

1. Plan a date night:  For the extraordinarily busy worker, a date night is a must.  Set aside time at least once a week where your only focus is on your partner.  Put away all cell phones and laptops and enjoy the evening together.

2. Include your partner:  On nights when you have too much work to go out, invite your partner to help you.  Ask for your significant other’s insights on your latest project or ask for their help sorting through old emails.

3. Be open with your partner:  Don’t feel guilty about your career.  If you know work will soon be overwhelming, let your partner know that you’ll be a little occupied in the coming weeks.  Your mate will appreciate your honesty and will help you work around your schedule.

Do you have a difficult time managing your career and a relationship?  Feel free to leave a  comment below.