Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: SweetCupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Sweet

By Sarah Thaman

Excited about an upcoming Valentine’s Day date?  Even if you’re going out with your husband or long time bf, it’s a great excuse to shake things up and go out for a night on the town.  Lost on what to wear?  Never fear!  I’m here with three different looks that are sure to please you and your man.  Here’s the second installment:

If the sophisticated and sexy styles aren’t really you, go for a sweet look with pinks and reds!  After all, it is Valentine’s Day.  Take a cue from the holiday’s signature colors and pull together a feminine ensemble. Don’t worry, this “sweet” look won’t be too candy hearts and lollipops.  This dress hits on the color-block trend and the sheer fabric makes this look extra flirty.  A red wedge offsets the outfit, and the quilted handbag makes for a great shoulder bag.  Use a light pink makeup palette to keep your face soft and pretty.

Enjoy a romantic night out looking fabulous!  For more Valentine’s Day inspiration visit Handbag Heaven’s Gal’s Guide to Valentine’s Day!

While Sarah Thaman may not be a professional stylist, she prides herself on choosing fashion that looks polished and classic, and she’s always helping friends choose their date outfits.  Although she’s a writer for Handbag Heaven by day, outside of work she takes joy in being a matchmaker, a newlywed, and a momma to her precious puppy, Luna.