Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Celebrate Being Single with Ode à la ROSECupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Celebrate Being Single with Ode à la ROSE

This post is sponsored by Ode à la ROSE.

This Valentine’s Day don’t mope around and feel bad for being alone.  Celebrate being single!  What better way is there to enjoy yourself than with beautiful red roses?  Ode à la ROSE can help you do just that.  Ode à la ROSE is a French-inspired, New York service that delivers what woman want for Valentine’s Day.

Ladies don’t deny yourself a day full of love just because you do not have a significant other.  Include your girlfriends in the festivities as well by surprising them with a bouquet and let them know you love them for always being there for you.  Don’t let anyone feel alone this year on Valentine’s Day.  Ode à la ROSE is whimsical, romantic and fun – “Aren’t you the lucky one!?”

Ode à la ROSE was recently started by two young men from France, who often turned to roses throughout their youth to seal the deal after a date, melt their mothers’ hearts and yes “help detract women from their bad actions.”  Upon moving to New York, Olivier and Louis soon found out that it was impossible to get a simple and sweet bouquet of singularly beautiful roses in America.  There was no reliable corner flower shop and no delivery service that offered perfectly cut, boutique-level roses while being affordable at the same time… thus, Ode à la ROSE was born.

You can be sure you are getting high quality flowers because Ode à la ROSE sells beautiful and authentically Parisian style, quality fresh rose bouquets using only the highest quality roses ensuring long lasting freshness.  Also, all of the bouquets are hand-delivered the same day in a signature Ode à la ROSE gift box. The gift boxes are unlike any other and a presentation to itself.  Not only will it arrive in the same day but, a photo of the bouquet is taken right before it leaves the workshop and emailed to the sender along with the exact delivery time.

Special Discount: Ode à la ROSE is offering you a 10% discount for Valentine’s Day.  To enjoy 10% off on all of their products “like” Ode à la ROSE’s facebook page to obtain a promo code.

Ladies, share this with your friends and most of all… celebrate being single!  Don’t miss out on beautiful flowers this Valentine’s Day, call Ode à la ROSE.