Cupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum and Seal: Marriages Don’t End OvernightCupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum and Seal: Marriages Don’t End Overnight

By Melanie Mar

When a seemingly “rock solid” celebrity couple separates — as with Heidi Klum and Seal’s divorce announcement after seven years of marriage — the first public reaction is always surprise.  Thanks to the sheer volume of attention paid to celebrities’ lives via television, tabloids and other media, it is easy to believe you actually know these stars.  You feel a connection to them that makes their relationship issues cause you to feel like a personal friend’s relationship has broken up.  You begin to analyze the celebrity relationship in the same manner, questioning what happened and what went wrong.  Of course, the tabloids add fuel to your frenzy when they get down and dirty with many and varied rumors: He cheated.  She cheated.  He has anger issues.  She has an alcohol problem.  You begin to feel dismayed, thinking, “Again?  Another one bites the dust?”

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Having had the pleasure of socializing with Heidi and Seal, I found in them a friendly couple with open affection towards each other.  There is no doubt in my mind they still love each other and may have the possibility of a potential reconciliation; however, the only people who truly know what is happening behind closed doors are the two in the relationship themselves.

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Marriages, especially those that have young children, do not end overnight.  Heidi and Seal were together almost a decade, and their marriage could not have ended over only a matter of days or weeks.  There is usually the constant chipping away of the relationship that causes the cracks and ultimately the break.  Some of the warning signs of this are; infrequent sexual intimacy, apathy, disrespect and/or lack of cherishing.  The most important thing is to be aware and look for these signs.  As soon as you think they are beginning, address the issue immediately.  The longer the behavior pattern exists the harder it is to stop.  Most every relationship problem can be helped with concise communication.  State what you want and don’t want in a non-threatening, respectful, loving manner.  Ask how you can help each other do better and feel better.  Learn how to listen and also be heard.  With that in mind, write down the following and read it daily to help keep yourself in check.

Beware of your thoughts, because they become your words.
Beware of your words because they become your actions.
Beware of your actions because they become your habits.
Beware of your habits because they become your destiny.

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