Cupid's Pulse Article: William H. Macy Reveals How He Keeps the Passion with Wife Felicity HuffmanCupid's Pulse Article: William H. Macy Reveals How He Keeps the Passion with Wife Felicity Huffman

William H. Macy, who has been married to Desperate Housewives star, Felicity Huffman, for 15 years, recently let People in on his advice for men on how to keep your marriage alive after the honeymoon phase.  According to Macy, the answer is to simply fake it until you make it.  “Just act like you love her more than anybody you’ve ever seen in your life, and you’ll get it back in spades,” he says.  “Just pretend.”  While speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, he talked about passion as something you have to work toward later in marriage, but the work is well worth it.

What are some unique ways to keep the spark alive in your marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just because passion doesn’t come as easy as it once did, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Don’t be afraid to put some effort into your relationship.  Cupid has some advice:

1. Schedule time together: People tend to live on a schedule.  Therefore, your love life should be no different.  Make it a priority by making time for it.  If you show you’re willing to sacrifice for your marriage, it can really be a turn on.

2. Be spontaneous: There’s nothing more romantic than doing something spontaneous as a couple.  The element of surprise makes everything more romantic.  For instance, take a Saturday you have nothing to do and turn it into a time of firsts by going skydiving.

3. Return the effort: If you see that your parter is putting their all into your relationship, it’s your responsibility to do the same.  If she plans a trip to a baseball game for you, perhaps you can surprise her with a spa weekend.

What can you do to surprise your partner?  Share your thoughts below.