Cupid's Pulse Article: Brandi Glanville Admits to Hooking Up with Gerard ButlerCupid's Pulse Article: Brandi Glanville Admits to Hooking Up with Gerard Butler

Brandi Glanville has come out and admitted to fooling around with Gerard Butler in Malibu last August.  According to, Glanville revealed the secret to Andy Cohen on What Happens Live.  Although it was denied in September when rumors surfaced, it is now confirmed by Glanville that the couple “had a little week of fun.”  Glanville even admitted that Butler was an 11 on the lover scale of one to ten.  A source said the “fooling around” occurred shortly after Glanville was left by ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

 What do you do if a former partner starts bragging about hooking up with you?

 Cupid’s Advice:

 It might seem like flattery when an ex brags about being with you, but it can also be a little too over the top and way too much information.  Here are some tips on how to handle the situation:

1. Politely ask your ex to stop: Without causing unnecessary drama, talk to your ex and request that they stop discussing your private matters.  This is easier said then done, but if you are polite, patient and understanding towards your former partner the showdown should run smoothly.

2. Make sure the facts are straight: If your ex does not stop, be sure he is at least blabbing the right story to the public.  If his word is coming out sideways against yours, go ahead and set the tale straight.

3. Warn your current lover about what they might here: Dealing with exes in new relationships is a sticky subject.  If your current beau is clueless about your past lover, be sure to tell him before someone else does.  Even the hard stuff sounds better coming from your own lips.

What did you do when a former partner was bragging about hooking up with you? Share your stories below.