Cupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Seacrest & Jake Pavelka: Sexuality Rumors Laid to RestCupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Seacrest & Jake Pavelka: Sexuality Rumors Laid to Rest

Two recent interviews have, for now, laid to rest the rumors about both Ryan Seacrest and Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s sexuality.  Seacrest’s current flame, Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough, revealed to friends that she initially thought Seacrest was gay, TMZ reported last week.  However, he won her over with his persistence, and the two have been linked together since in April.  Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky also spoke up about a past flame, telling George Lopez that despite rumors, Pavelka isn’t gay, US Weekly reported.

What do you do if you’re questioning your partner’s sexuality?

Cupid’s Advice:

Both Hough and Fedotowsky took the right step in addressing the rumors about their respective partners’ sexuality head on.  Chances are, if you have doubts about your partner’s sexuality, then others do, too.  However, before making a public announcement, you should take these steps to make sure you’re positive:

1. Read the signs: Before making moves, watch your mate in a public setting.  You can tell a lot about someone from what they say, but even more from how they act.  Observe how your mate interacts with people of both sexes, and note the differences.

2. Look to the past: Ask about past partners and relationships.  If they avoid the question, or refuse to assign a sex to their exes, they might be hiding something.

3. Just ask: If you still have doubts – and certainly before you talk to other people about it – simply ask your mate outright.  Approach the subject with tact and delicacy, but again, if you have serious doubts, you probably aren’t the first to have them.