Cupid's Pulse Article: Seal Says He’s Grieving and Shocked Post-Split with Heidi KlumCupid's Pulse Article: Seal Says He’s Grieving and Shocked Post-Split with Heidi Klum

Similar to our own shock over the news, Seal is upset and grieving over his breakup and impending divorce from model Heidi Klum.  That said, according to People, he remains amicable saying that his love and respect for Klum hasn’t changed.  Seal also claims that this will help “make it easier to make that transition,” and that the children are the “first priority.”  For Seal, it’s important to acknowledge that he isn’t that only one who has gone through a painful split like this.  He adds, “It is just unfortunately a chapter of life.”

What are some ways to mourn after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it can be hard to get over a difficult breakup or split.  Cupid shares some ways to mourn:

1. A specific end is helpful: Being able to look back at the relationship and acknowledge when it was really over can help you to move on.  It allows you to adjust to the breakup or divorce more easily.

2. Accept some responsibility: Being able to realize what went wrong in the relationship can be very therapeutic.  It’s important to be able to realize that this divorce is not really a rejection of you personally; it’s just a combination of two people that didn’t work out.

3. Cut off communication: Completely shutting down communication lines can be hard when you have children like Heidi Klum and Seal, but to be able to truly mourn and get over a split, you have to take some time for yourself.

What are some ways you’ve gotten over a relationship? Let us know in a comment below.