Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16, Episode 4: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Give Emily Dating AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 16, Episode 4: Ann and Jesse Csincsak Give Emily Dating Advice

Drama continues in Park City, Utah where Rachel had the first one-on-one date with Ben and got Rose 1.  Then came the group date where the girls rode on horseback through the woods, and spent an afternoon fly fishing.  Ben was testing their ability to be in the country and in a group setting.  Unfortunately for some (Samantha Levey), it didn’t work out in her favor.  Tensions mounted when Courtney Robertson pulled Ben away and actually caught a fish in the process!  Then, she stole Ben again and told him that she needed reassurance where she won his heart and got Rose 2.  While she was gloating, Samantha was told by Ben that she was too “emotional” and he sent her packing before the Rose Ceremony.   The last date and final rose went to the shy and reserved Jennifer Fritsch (then again, Ben did vote her best kisser).  On their one-on-one, the new Bennifer plummeted into a 300 foot crater together.  After it was over, they ran through pouring rain to an outdoor concert by country singer, Clay Walker and she was given date Rose 3.  With Samantha already gone, there was only one more person to eliminate that evening.  Say good-bye to Monica Spannbauer.  And then there were 12.

1. What are your initial thoughts about Rachel? 

Jesse: I think Rachel is down to earth; she really seemed to like the lake and canoe date.  I think it’s pretty rad that she is normal and can enjoy the simple stuff.

Ann: My initial thoughts were: I love her bangs.  But passed that, I haven’t seen or heard enough from her to form an opinion.  I have barely noticed a lot of the girls this season, because they either don’t talk very much, or they are going to be cut early on, so the producers aren’t showing them too often.

2. Did Ben make the right decision sending Samantha home right there and then?  Did you witness her being “emotional” on the group dates?

Jesse: Absolutely – that girl is what’s wrong with women in America.  She wears high heels, and has blonde hair, but no brains.  Did you hear her say, “OMG I am so scared of horses?” It’s like, who is scared of horses?  Our country was founded on horseback.  Pull it together Blondie!

Ann: When Samantha went home, I looked at my husband and asked, “Where did she come from?  I hadn’t noticed her other than her amazing Nicole Miller dress at the last rose ceremony.  I did appreciate the fact that Ben did not beat around the bush on that one, that he kicked her to the curb faster than Kim Kardashian did her last husband.

3. Did you like the way Courtney played Ben for the rose on the group date?  Do you think he’ll eventually see what Emily and some of the others see or do you think that maybe Courtney IS a nice person?

Jesse: I despise few things in life, but diarrhea and Courtney are now at the top of my list.  She is the worst.  I get a headache every time she gets a rose.

Ann: I thought it was weird because it seemed like Courtney hardly had any friends, and then last night she had a BFF that popped out of the woodwork.  The producers are showing us what they want to, so even though I think Courtney is not a keeper, she may not be as bad as they are portraying her; except for her laugh, that is truly unnerving.

4.  What advice would you have given to Emily?

Jesse: DO YOU GIRL! Don’t sweat the stupid models.

Ann: My advice to Emily is the same advice that I would give my daughter or my best friend.  Focus on your relationship not anyone else’s.  The more you tune all the rest of the women out, the faster your relationship with Ben will have the opportunity to blossom (yes, I just used the word blossom).

5. Kacie B., Rachel, Courtney and Jennifer all seem completely different.  What do you think Ben’s doing with such diverse women?

 Jesse: Ben didn’t pick them, production did, and each of these different girls appeals to a different audience, which equals ratings, which in turn, equals money.

 Ann: I think if anyone were to look at the people they have dated, they would realize they are all completely different.  It’s one of those things I guess, you just don’t know unless you try!

Here are two more questions from our visitors:

6. If Ben decides after four episodes that he found the right girl, what are his options?  Must he continue the season?  If so, does he have the liberty to pick the same girl for a one-on-one each episode or must he change it up?

Jesse: Ben picks his final 4 girls on night one and the producers pick the one-on-ones and the group dates.  If he does find the final one, it’s the producer’s job to keep him interested in at least one other girl for the sake of the show.  If he were totally set on one girl mid-season the show would tank, and it wouldn’t be fun to watch.

Ann: I would say on any given rose ceremony, Ben gets to decide only about half the women that get to stay.  I think he gets input on what girls he wants one-on-one time with, but at the end of the day he doesn’t write the “date cards.”  I do think, however, that he gets to say if there is someone he really does not want to go on a one-on-one with, AKA Samantha.

7.  I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the 20-30 crowd not really knowing what they want and clearly it’s hard to make the relationships stick afterwards.  What do you think about having an older gentleman 40-50 on the show?

Jesse: I have said forever, that I think they should do a few seasons with non-related Bachelor people involved to make things fresh. I am totally game; lets do it!

Ann: Brad Womack (38) is a good example of someone who was a little older, and it still didn’t work out.  It doesn’t matter the person’s age; ‘The Bachelor’ is not a normal dating situation no matter how you spin it.  A “normal, everyday date” on the bachelor still includes a helicopter so the reality is, after the show it’s going to be hard to keep the relationship strong, no matter how old someone is.  If you want an example of how to make it work after the show just ask Jason and Molly Mesnick, they stayed out of Hollywood and out of drama and they are still happily married because of it.

8. Anything more that you want to add?

Jesse: The guy who puts the black boxes over the naked people is going to be busy next week!