Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William Prepares to Join Kate Middleton on Caribbean VacationCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William Prepares to Join Kate Middleton on Caribbean Vacation

Kate Middleton will not be vacationing solo for much longer. reports that Prince William will be joining his wife on the Caribbean island of Mustique later in the week.  “It wasn’t set in stone because William needed to clear the week of work first,” said a source.  The couple are on the island to celebrate Middleton’s mother’s 57th birthday.  This will be the last bit of relaxation Prince William, a search-and-rescue co-pilot for the Royal Air Force, enjoys before being deployed to the Falkland Islands next month.

What are the benefits of going on vacation with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though vacationing with family and friends is always fun, going with your partner can have its perks as well.  Here are a few benefits:

1. Quality time: Though you can bond with your partner at home, going on vacation is an easy way to get some quality time together.  You will be able to focus on each other instead of work or friends.

2. Get to know them better: Traveling with your partner can be very enlightening, especially if the two of you don’t already live together.  By being in such close proximity to each other, you will become more familiar with your partner’s habits.

3. Easier planning: Vacationing is easier when you travel as a couple.  You can book one hotel room instead of two and pay for plane tickets together instead of buying them separately.

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