Cupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Has a Friendly Run-In with Ex-Boyfriend Derek HoughCupid's Pulse Article: Lauren Conrad Has a Friendly Run-In with Ex-Boyfriend Derek Hough

Lauren Conrad is who we look up to as a cool ex-girlfriend!  While enjoying a night out at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood, Conrad ran into her ex, Derek Hough.  How did she react?  She didn’t even try to take cover in the ladies room or give him the cold shoulder.  According to People, the designer was happy to see Hough and embraced him with a hug.  Way to be the bigger person, Lauren!

What are some ways to react when you run in to an ex partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Depending on how your relationship with your ex ended, bumping into your former lover can be an awkward moment.  Here are some positive ways to react when you encounter in old flame:

1. Don’t be fake: If you’re not too happy to see your ex, don’t jump up and give them a huge hug and don’t slap them in the face either.  Smile, say “hello” and end the conversation politely. Your ex should get the point.  Acting upset seems desperate.

2. Keep the convo simple: Ask your ex what they’ve been up to since the break-up, and make sure to talk about your accomplishments.  Don’t get into each other’s love lives.  Keep the conversation platonic unless you’re thinking about rekindling the relationship.

3. Take the attention off of you: Chances are that if you bump into your ex, you won’t be alone.  To avoid awkward silences, introduce them to your friends and let your ex know that you are in a hurry, whether you are or not.

How have you reacted when you bumped into an ex? Share you comments below.