Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Five Unique Ways to Spend the HolidayCupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Five Unique Ways to Spend the Holiday

By Erika Mionis

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday completely dedicated to our love lives.  If you’re single, you’ll survive.  If you’re in a relationship, then congratulations!  Now you can worry about gifts and date ideas for the coming holiday.  Though there’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner date, you can be sure you and your significant other won’t be the only couple with the same idea.  Here are a few unique date ideas to make this Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget:

1. Hot air balloon ride: Hot air balloon rides are well worth the expense.  Find the nearest hot air balloon company (it may be a bit of a drive, depending on where you live) and set out to see the sunrise or sunset.  Most companies offer a light breakfast or dinner after the ride.  Hot air balloons can easily carry up to five people, so try splitting the cost with another couple.

2. Horse-back riding: For the animal-loving couple, a date on horseback can be fun and romantic.  Most ranches offer trail rides that bring you through isolated parts of nature.  Make sure to talk over lunch or dinner afterward, as loud conversation mid-trail often startles the horses.

3. Hiking: Tough out the last of winter on an outdoorsy date with your partner.  Make sure to pick a trail that suits your athletic abilities, because though exercise is fun, it’s hard to feel attractive when you’re sweating and gasping for air.  Pack a picnic for a quick lunch/snack once you reach the end of the trail or the top of a mountain.

4. Paint pottery: Decorating pottery is a fun and creative way to spend the holiday.  You can work as a team on a single pottery piece, or you can each work separately and compare your craftsmanship.  For the especially artsy couple, try making pottery instead of just painting it.

5. Play games: Try visiting an upscale arcade to play some pool.  To make the game a little more interesting, decide on a friendly wager, like a massage exchange.  After the game, grab some quarters or tokens and visit some of the other games in the arcade.  Your next competition comes in the form of skee ball.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day date ideas?  Feel free to share them below.