Cupid's Pulse Article: Eva Mendes Meets Ryan Gosling’s MomCupid's Pulse Article: Eva Mendes Meets Ryan Gosling’s Mom

It seems as though Ryan Gosling brought in the New Year right with his two leading ladies by his side.  After spending some quality time together earlier during the day on Sunday, Gosling and his mother, Donna, met up with Gosling’s girlfriend, Eva Mendes at an AMC movie theater in uptown Manhattan.  A source told People that Gosling and Mendes seemed very happy as the trio hung out and went to the movies together.

How do you prepare to meet your partner’s parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

Meeting your partner’s parents is a big deal; sometimes their feelings about you can give your mate the final seal of approval … or at worst, denial.  Cupid has some advice:

1. Dress appropriately: When it comes to meeting your mate’s parents, especially for the first time, it’s always best to wear something respectable and not so revealing.  You want them to focus on getting to know you instead of giving a bad first impression as soon as you set foot outside of the car.  Think classy instead of tacky.

2. Be social: Sure, meeting the parents for the first time can cause you to become a bit nervous, but make sure to remain calm and cool.  Ask questions and casually keep the conversation going to show them that you’re just as interested in getting to know them as they are in getting to know you.

3. Be you: There’s nothing worse than being fake, and it’s pretty obvious when you’re doing it.  The important thing parents want to know and see when they meet you is why their son or daughter fell in love with you.  Be honest and confident.

How did you prepare when you met your partner’s parents for the first time? Share your comments below.