Cupid's Pulse Article: Power Celebrity Couples: Hollywood Relationships That Command Our AttentionCupid's Pulse Article: Power Celebrity Couples: Hollywood Relationships That Command Our Attention

By Whitney Baker

Some celebrity couples have the “it” factor that just draws us in and makes us interested in everything happening in their lives. Other Hollywood relationships have to work a bit harder for our attention, but still, we can’t help but take notice. They make headlines because of their enviable romances, high-profile careers, and cute kids, and we anxiously await their next moves. Below are five power celebrity couples that, for better or worse, never fail to command our attention:

Power Celebrity Couples

1. Prince William and Princess Catherine: The royal wedding lived up to everyone’s expectations, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued to capture our attention — and our hearts — ever since. It seems that these lovebirds garner media coverage for every move they make, even when they do something as mundane as grocery shopping.

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2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Whether Carey is flaunting her post-baby body, Cannon is doing one of his many hosting gigs, or the duo is showing off their adorable twins, this famous couple seems to have a hand in everything. The attention-seeking family will certainly be captured in tabloids in May this year as Roc and Roe celebrate their first birthdays and Carey and Cannon mark their two-year wedding anniversary.

3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: These superstars manage to juggle two demanding careers and multiple charitable commitments all over the world, all while raising six children under the age of 10.  Despite their busy lives and hectic schedules, they still manage to make time for date nights.

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Private Hollywood Relationship Still Grabs Attention

4. Beyoncé and Jay-Z: This celebrity duo is famously private, but that doesn’t mean they command our attention any less. Having been together for over a decade, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been seen at sporting events and concerts as well as on romantic celebrity getaways. They recently received even more attention for their culinary choices: The new parents were both following a partially vegan diet in order to keep their energy up for their first child’s arrival. Their daughter, celebrity baby Blue Ivy Carter, was born on Jan. 7.

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5. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: This marriage between Hollywood royalty and a country music superstar appears to be a match made in celebrity heaven. They continuously support one another at award shows, showing their love for each other on the red carpet.  Urban credits Kidman for helping him overcome his alcoholism, calling her an “extremely pure spirit.” The low-key couple has settled in Nashville to raise their daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Who are your favorite power celebrity couples? Share your comments below.