Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Are Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly On-Again?Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumor: Are Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly On-Again?

It looks like Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly might be rekindling their 3-year romance, as they vacationed in Paris over the holiday weekend.  The Yankees all-star and Charlie’s Angels actress stayed with friends while taking in some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.  “They look very much in love, ” an observer told People.  “They were always very, very close [and] very playful as a couple with each other.”

What are some ways to decide whether to rekindle a romance?

Cupid’s Advice:

Deciding to date an ex again can be a tough decision, but there are three important parts of yourself to consider:

1. Your gut: Take your initial feeling into account, because more often than not your first instinct on a situation may be the right one.

2. Your heart: Your heart may feel broken from the breakup, but make sure being back together is what’s going to heal those wounds.

3. Your mind: Often our hearts make us act irrationally, so try to think logically about the situation and weigh your options.

 How did you decide to get back together with your ex? Share your experiences below.