Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere: Reality TV Couple Ann and Jesse Csincsak Answer Questions About Season 16Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere: Reality TV Couple Ann and Jesse Csincsak Answer Questions About Season 16

Hello, we’re back again with another season of ‘The Bachelor!”  Last night was the start of Season 16 with our new, hot, sexy, eligible, Sonoma winemaker, Ben Flajnik.  This time Ben’s in control handing out roses; ready to find love this season.  For the next 10 Mondays, we will be joined by Ann and Jesse Csincsak to get their weekly perspective of Ben, the single ladies and all the drama that’s bound to happen when you get 25 estrogen-fueled women in a room.  Here’s our take on Episode 1:

1. Many people want to know why Ben went back on the show as the Bachelor?  Wouldn’t he have had plenty of girls to choose from after being dumped by Ashley? What makes being on the show better for finding love than in real life?

Jesse: I don’t think the show is better for finding love; I actually think you have a better chance of winning the powerball than you do finding love on that show.  Let’s take a walk back through time, shall we?  The only couple who actually found love on the show to date are Ryan and Trista.  Jason and Molly didn’t fall in love until way after their show.  Ann & I met at one of my reunions and got married and Tara Durr and John Presser met at a reunion and got married, so actually there are more people who have found love at my reunions then on the show itself.  Ask yourself: Would you be able to fall in love and get married with 50 producers and camera people standing over you?

Ann:  Other than the obvious fact that walking on the set of The Bachelor is like walking in a perfect bar with 30 gorgeous girls that have already passed a Psych test (even though some of them squeeked by), I think the more obvious answer is that he is a business man with a business to promote.  What better way to do that with 15 million people interested in what YOU do?

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2. Which three girls are your early pick for Ben and why?

Jesse: Right now the only girl they are showing us anything real about is Kacie from Tennesse.  There are so many girls that are being kept there just for the drama factor right now that its sickening.  Would you keep two girls around if you saw them making out? Those girls got production roses plain and simple!

Ann:  The girl who got the first impression rose is the only personality we saw that didn’t scare us.  The rest haven’t had time to show us who they are yet.

3. There were so many unique introductions this season; a horse, sanitizer, a pageant sash and someone’s grandmother.  Who had the best  introduction?

Jesse: I liked the Grandma intro the best.  However, I think all the intros were very well-produced.  When’s the last time you brought your grandma on your first date?

Ann:  I fast forward through that part.  They talk to the bachelor for about 2 minutes and they only show 30 seconds of it.  Also, it’s what the producers want to show you anyway.

4. Any initial thoughts on Courtney? Do you think the producers have pegged her as the new Michelle Money? 

Jesse: Oh man, there are so many villans being pegged on this season.  It’s going to be fun to watch.

Ann: I think anyone that is willing to drink the first night gets taken advantage of. Like I said before, take the alcohol out of the show and it’s just another awkward Monday night.

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5. What are your thoughts about Monica’s agenda and Jenna’s emotional reaction?

Jesse: I actually feel bad for Jenna.  They met that girl in casting and produced her into this season’s train wreck by pumping her full of alcohol.  She is probably a really nice girl but just doesn’t handle her alcohol very well.  Keep your chin up Jenna; this too will pass!

Ann: This is super produced and I feel bad for the girls who are letting themselves be a part of this.  Jenna probably had a few too many producer-poured drinks, lost it somewhere between cocktail number 8 and 9, and it was all caught on tape!

6. It appears that Ben’s ex-girlfriend will be back in the picture this season. Do you think it’s fair to the other girls that the producers bring her on the show?

Jesse: The producers on this show would literally trade their first born child for drama, so anything is possible.

Ann: No. Plain and simple.  When do you date a guy who all of the sudden introduces you to his ex-girlfriend?  Any guy that did that would find himself alone. That’s why we love TV!

7. Did Ben get it right or are there any girls who shouldn’t have gone home so soon?

Jesse: Honestly I like the girl who was rallying the shotgun in the beginning Amber T

Ann: You can never tell. Probably some of the girls that went home had to so they could make room for the girls that would bring a lot of drama whether they are right for Ben or not.