Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Evans Shares What He Wants In a WomanCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Evans Shares What He Wants In a Woman

After his performance in Captain America turned heads and eyes to comic books, Chris Evans turned women to his sensitive side in What’s Your Number?  Now, according to Hollyscoop, he has landed another gig with Gucci Guilty Intense where he appears in a sexy video with Evan Rachel Wood.  “She’s awesome,” he said.  “We actually instantly got along because she’s very much my type of girl.”  Evans further clarified exactly what he wants in a woman.  “Very laid-back, likes to go out and have a good time,” he told

Is it important that your potential partner possess all of the attributes you on your list?

Cupid’s Advice

Sure it would be great to find a perfect lover, but odds are that’s not going to happen.  But, Cupid has some consolation for you:

1. Everyone has faults: Everyone has their quirks, and idiosyncratic behaviors.  That’s what makes us human.  While it’s important to have key similarities with a lover, you won’t agree with each other all the time.

2. Healthy Debate: A strong companionship filled with love will not damage a relationship when there are differences.  In fact, it’s healthy to debate issues and maintain some individuality.  A good partnership allows you to accept each other regardless of your differences.

3. Differences are good: Having interests that your partner doesn’t necessarily like (e.g., watching sports, going to the ballet, shopping) is not a bad thing.  It will allow you and your mate some “me time,” which is important to maintaining a long-term relationship.

Does your partner have qualities that you don’t like?  Share them with us below.