Cupid's Pulse Article: Dido Names Son Stan After a Collaborative Song with EminemCupid's Pulse Article: Dido Names Son Stan After a Collaborative Song with Eminem

The 25th of December was not only Dido’s birthday, but it was also her first Christmas with her five-month old son, Stan.  “I wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas.  I’m ridiculously excited about Stanley’s first Christmas this year!  🙂 Hope you all have a brilliant one and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012…  Love, didoxx,” the British singer, who turned 40, posted on her Facebook page. reports Stanley was born in July to Dido and her husband Rohan Gavin.  The boy was named after the hit Eminem single “Stan,” which Dido starred as the pregnant girlfriend.  The song sampled parts of her own single, “Thank you.”

How can you incorporate special meaning into the names of your children?

Cupid’s Advice
Your children derive from you, so there’s no reason why their names shouldn’t hold significance to you.  Cupid has some ideas to make baby naming extra special:

1. Family names: Embracing your ancestors by passing on their name is a very special tribute to them.  Some people say it keeps their memories alive through the generations.  It’s a sentimental gesture and brings meaning to your child’s heritage.

2. Songs and movies: Like Dido, if there is a song, movie or artist that really connects with you, then don’t be afraid to suggest naming your child after it.

3. Historical figures: It isn’t uncommon for a child to be named after someone famous in history, such as being named Alex for Alexander the Great.

How would you bring sentimental value to your child’s name?  Tell us in the comments below.