Cupid's Pulse Article: Rob Kardashian Says He Doesn’t Want a Girlfriend for ChristmasCupid's Pulse Article: Rob Kardashian Says He Doesn’t Want a Girlfriend for Christmas

Sorry, girls!  Rob Kardashian is flying solo this holiday season.  “I mean, I want a girlfriend.  I’ve been single for a while, but I’m 24 years old and I feel like I have a lot of work to do on myself first and that’s really what I’ve been focusing on.  I’m focusing on my health and getting into shape and my career,” he tells People.  What does Kardashian want exactly? Just time together with his family.  The whole Kardashian crew spends Christmas Armenian style and, of course, together as a family.  Kris Jenner gives out pjs every year for the whole crew, and they all sleep at the house, get up at about 6 a.m. and celebrate together.  “My mom also throws an awesome Christmas party every year and at the end of the party — once everyone leaves — we all sit by the fire and talk as a family.”

What if the man you like doesn’t want to settle down?

Cupid’s Advice:

So what do you do when you’re ready to pick a wedding date, but your significant other doesn’t even want to live with you yet?  It’s difficult, but it might be time to move on:

1. Talk about why he doesn’t want to settle down: Maybe there is an underlying factor that is scaring your man from committing fully. It could be some pressure you place on him, or it could have to do with how his own family worked out.  Either way, talk to him and try to understand on his level.

2. See if you can make any compromises: Could it be possible you are too controlling for his liking?  If your man is nervous about living with you because of such issues, make compromises.  You won’t wake him up or 6 a.m. yoga on Saturdays if he will put the toilet seat down.  Talking about issues like that might make your man excited about the whole idea, instead of trying to run from it.

3. Consider moving on: If all else fails and your man still doesn’t want to settle down, you might have to find a new man.  We all hate to hear this, but you and your lover have to want the same thing for your relationship to succeed.  There is sure to be someone out there who wants what you want.

How did you get your man to settle down?  Share your stories below.