Cupid's Pulse Article: Lady Antebellum Singer Dave Haywood Is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Lady Antebellum Singer Dave Haywood Is Engaged

Dave Haywood, 29, gave his girlfriend, Kelli Cashiola, 29, the holiday gift every girl wants: an engagement ring!  A representative for Haywood confirmed to People that he proposed on Monday evening.  He did so first by picking up his finance and blind folding her as he drove her to their home, which was converted into a winter wonderland.  When the blindfold was removed “will you marry me” was spelled out in Christmas lights on the front of their house and Haywood slipped a ring onto Cashiola’s finger.  Cashiola, of course, said yes.  Haywood is the final Lady Antebellum band member to be engaged.  A date has not been set, but it is said to be after the spring wedding of band mate Hillary Scott.

 What are some unique ways to propose? 

Cupid’s Advice:

 Every girl dreams of the day a man will get down on one knee and ask her to spend her life with him.  Guys, this is how to do it and make sure your girl says “yes”:

1. Return to the spot of your first date: What is more special than the spot of your first date, or even better, your first kiss?  Nothing.  Bringing back all those happy memories and first date jitters will be sure to make the moment romantic and unforgettable.

2. Make it unexpected: Try not to let your honey know what you’re up to.   The more of a surprise it is the better!  The look on your girlfriend’s face will be priceless.

3. Tie in all of her favorite things: If you and your girlfriend love skiing take her on a ski trip and propose by the fireside after her favorite meal.  Or maybe you love baking together… bake cupcakes and drop the ring into one and make sure that’s the one she tastes first.  No matter what you choose to do, make sure it’s something special and unique to you as a couple.

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