Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Brings Her New Man to ‘Idol’ SetCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Brings Her New Man to ‘Idol’ Set

Friday was bring your boyfriend to work day, or at least it was for Jennifer Lopez.  Lopez’s new boy toy, Casper Smart, was seen arriving to the American Idol set in Lopez’s Bentley as he stopped by to visit his new lady.  The new couple have been inseparable, having recently spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii with Lopez’s twins before jetting off to Morocco.  While the singer seems to be wearing divorce well, her ex-husband Marc Anthony, isn’t quite complimenting her style.  According to various sources, not only does Anthony not want smart to drive his kids around due to his arrest for drag racing, but he apparently doesn’t want Smart around his kids at all, according to Hollyscoop.  In the meantime, Lopez and Anthony have continued working together in their Latin-American talent show venture, Q’Viva! 

What do you do if your ex is upset with your new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unfortunately, when you move on from your last relationship, it’s not always going to be a smooth transition.  Cupid has some advice:

1. Give space and time:  It’s always best to allow both you and your ex time to heal and get your emotions together after a breakup.

2.  Be understanding:  Understand that while it may have been easy for you to let your previous relationship go, depending on the circumstances, it may not be as simple for your former love.

3. Minimize contact:  While cutting off ties to a past relationship is an easy solution, it may not be a quick fix when you have kids, work or share the same friends.  If this is the case, minimize contact to a speak-only-when-necessary basis until you can interact normally with each other again.

How did you handle your ex being upset with your new relationship? Share your comments below.