Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Ali Fedotowsky Picks Her ManCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Ali Fedotowsky Picks Her Man

Ali Fedotowsky began her stint on ABC’s The Bachelorette with 20 eligible men vying for her love.  Last week, US Weekly reported that she says she’s confident she chose the right man as her future husband during the season finale.  Fedotowsky narrowed down her contenders to three in last week’s episode, and her final choice will be revealed during the ABC finale on August 2.  Though the lucky guy has not been revealed, Fedotowsky told US that a 2011 wedding is in the works.

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a slew of  suitors at our door, but it’s important that we weed out the good partners from the bad when potential lovers do come around.

1. Stranger danger: When you begin dating, you can’t possibly know all of your partners’ dirty little secrets, but remember that more times than not, the past has a way of presenting itself.  Keep your ears and eyes open, and take the time to get to know someone before settling down.

2. Ask for directions: When choosing a long term partner, it’s important that both people are heading in a similar direction, or are willing to compromise to make things work.  For example, if you want a commitment and he or she doesn’t, or you want to live in the suburbs and they won’t move out of the city, these differences could be a relationship deal-breaker.

3. Love and trust: The most important traits in a future mate is that they love you and treat you well.  If you don’t feel love, trust, or respect, then you should move on and wait for someone better.