Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Men Look at Other WomenCupid's Pulse Article: Why Men Look at Other Women

By Marcelina Hardy

How many people look at Demi Moore and think, “Wow, she is so hot!” … and yet Ashton Kutcher couldn’t stop turning his head, body and well, everything else towards other women.

So what is it?  Why do men look at other women when they have the lady of their dreams standing right beside them?  Don’t worry ladies.  It’s much less heart wrenching than you think, but yes, they still need to quit it.

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Creating Perfection When There Is None

No one is perfect, not even Demi Moore.  Guys have this wish fulfillment that they can create the perfect woman by piecing them together.  What they do is look at the huge boobs on one girl and then places it on the tight butt of another.  Then they take the perfect, long, tight legs of another girl and join it with the flat tummy of another.  In their minds, pieced together, is the perfect woman.  They daydream about this with all of their pieces put together.

Something is always missing though, and it never seems quite right.  This is why: It’s the one thing that makes them love you for who you are, no matter what you look like – your heart and soul.

See, the images they collect of other woman are just that, images.  It’s like taking puzzle pieces, putting them together and seeing a complete image, but they can’t do anything with it.  They can’t have fun with that, and they aren’t in love with that.  They aren’t attached to the image, and they just don’t have any sense of belonging and care for it.

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Sure, it’s exciting for them to see the “perfect woman” because it’s something they created.  However, the thrill is gone once they create it and realize it’s not real.

Stopping the Wandering Eyes

Does that give men the right to continue to gawk over other women?  No, it’s disrespectful to you and to other women.  The next time your man turns his head, don’t make a big production about it.  Wait until you’re not emotionally charged about it and then calmly say:

I noticed that you looked over at that woman earlier today.  I just want to let you know that it upsets me.  It would make me happy if you wouldn’t do that.

Do not say anything more.  He will most likely feel defensive about it, but also surprised that you aren’t starting trouble over it.  Watch his behavior change right before your eyes.  Soon, he’ll be staring at you and no other women will matter.


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