Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Travel to the Orchards for Fruit-Picking with Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Travel to the Orchards for Fruit-Picking with Your Partner

By Megan McIntosh

Summer may have ended, but it doesn’t mean your outdoor dates should stop.  This weekend, do something unique and head out to the country to go fruit-picking with your partner.  It may sound a little odd at first but once you experience the road trip (if you’re from the city), the sweet smell of fruit around you and walking hand-in-hand in the fields, you will realize that this type of romantic adventure can enhance your relationship.

Head out to an orchard with your sweetheart for an exciting day of picking apples, strawberries or blueberries.  Depending where you live will determine the type of fruit you have access to.  Do a bit of research before you arrive and search for recipes that you can make in advance.  Having an idea of what type of dessert you’d like to make will determine the type of goodies you should bring home.

Speaking of recipes, the berries you pluck with your mate can also come in handy when making smoothies.   They’re not only delicious; they’re healthy too.  If you’re looking for a guilty treat, go a step further by making chocolate fondue or create your own wine after spending a day picking grapes.

After a day in the fields, you and your partner should take the rest of the afternoon to relax.  Pack a picnic and spend some quiet time together in each other’s arms as you watch the sunset before summer ends.

When was the last time you went fruit-picking?  Share your story with our readers by commenting below.