Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian ‘Doesn’t Want a Battle’ with Kris HumphriesCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian ‘Doesn’t Want a Battle’ with Kris Humphries

Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian had considered getting an annulment herself, it still came as a surprise when Kris Humphries filed for one himself.  According to People, “Kim doesn’t want a battle.”  She wants to part ways with her ex amicably.  Humphries requested the anulment this past Wednesday on the grounds of fraud, and if he recieves the anulment, it will be as if their wedding never took place.  Kardashian had wanted an anulment, but was told it would be too difficult to prove and  decided to go with a divorce petition instead.  According to sources, “the split was devastating” for the reality starlet.

How do you keep your divorce proceedings peaceful?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you decide to get a divorce, it can often lead to a bitter parting of ways.  Cupid has some ways to keep it peaceful:

1. Understand that it will be hard: Although it’s never easy, the end result is best for you and your former spouse.  Try to be friendly with each other, but understand that there will be some hurt feelings on both ends.

2. Cooperate: Don’t butt heads with lawyers during the divorce process.  If your lawyer or your spouse’s lawyer requests information, don’t dawdle.  It’s best to get things out in the open early on.

3. Keep stability: Find a new residence and surround yourself with a close group of friends.  Try to go about your normal routine as much as possible in order to maintain stability.  This will prevent you from lashing out.

What are some ways to keep divorce proceedings peaceful? Share your ideas below.