Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Married to Rock’ Josie Stevens Talks About Communication, Patience and Roller Skating NakedCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Married to Rock’ Josie Stevens Talks About Communication, Patience and Roller Skating Naked

By Shoshana Davis

Being in love under the spotlight comes with many disadvantages.  All your critics have something to say about you. Celebrity marriages have lasted between nine days (Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman), to two weeks (Mario Lopez and Ali Landry) and the infamous 72 days (Kim and Kris). With the start of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” last week on E!, fans are hoping to get a glimpse into what caused the new marriage between Kim and Kris Humphries to collapse. It’s not just rich and famous relationships that are tough. For every two marriages in the United States each year, there is one divorce. Most couples could learn a lot from what makes designer Josie Stevens’ marriage to rocker Steve Stevens special.

Josie, featured with her husband of Billy Idol Fame on another E! Network reality show, “Married to Rock,” knows what it takes to keep that wedded bliss going and not fall victim to the typical relationship hurdles.  “What keeps the spark alive starts outside the bedroom,” she said.  “We video chat, we text, we call each other, we send each other cute emails, photos, little presents or flowers.”  Josie also claims that the key to a stress-less relationship is communication and patience.  “No one is perfect, and everyone is going to have a few quirks that drive you crazy, but you have to remember that you have a few that drive them crazy too.”

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The couple met in person for the first time at a store called The Pleasure Chest almost ten years ago and have been together ever since.  They avoided having a public wedding in 2008, and were married in a park by a justice of the peace they found online.  The decision to have a smaller ceremony was largely because Steve’s father had just passed away and they did not feel it was appropriate to have a big event.  A year later they joined the cast of “Married to Rock”, and during the taping of the show they threw a rock star sized wedding of their dreams.  Josie and Steve’s dream wedding took place in a castle and had lots of pink accents.  It was also broadcast on the same network that televised the Kardashian mega-wedding.  Kim has been quoted in the media as saying she felt a burden to move forward with her nuptials due to being a public figure, but Josie felt quite the opposite.  “The only pressure I got was from some of my friends to have a more traditional wedding, but I knew what I wanted and just followed my heart.”  She continued, “I think a wedding should reflect your personality, relationship and  love.”  The Stevens’ wedding did just that.  Josie came down the castle roof on a trapeze, and the bridesmaids wore Hello Kitty necklaces.

Josie is a makeup artist by trade, and just launched a new clothing line called Josie Loves JValentine.  Steve tours on his own, with Billy Idol’s band, and occasionally with The Magnificent Seven and Camp Freddy.  Although the two lovebirds travel between two to nine months a year, they make an effort to be together whenever they can, and often go on the road as a pair.  Josie credits Steve as an inspiration for her work, and she acts as his stylist, make-up artist and day to day business manager.

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“One of the most important things in any relationship is to always make the other person feel loved and appreciated, whether you are together or apart.  It’s easy to take the other person for granted or get too comfortable.”  “On Married to Rock,” Josie went as far as to create a “Josie Doll,” which was a complete replica of herself to send to Steve while he was on the road.  “Don’t get so caught up in life that you stop taking time to just have fun and enjoy each other.  Do something silly now and then.”

The Stevens’ are a good example of a couple who know how to keep the romance alive, and still focus on their careers.  If all else fails, Josie has “found roller skating through the studio naked tends to work wonders,” for getting Steve’s attention.

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