Cupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Says She’s Not Angry About Ex Tony Parker’s AffairCupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Says She’s Not Angry About Ex Tony Parker’s Affair

Eva Longoria is in a different place today than she was just a year ago when she was filing for divorce from then-husband Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs.  This all happened after the discovery of inappropriate text messages to Parker’s teammate’s wife.  According to UsMagazine, Longoria knows that people think she is “angry and resentful,” but that’s just not the case.  Her forgiving attitude may stem from the successful relationship she’s been in since February with Penelope Cruz’s little brother, Eduardo Cruz or “Edu” as she affectionately calls him.

How do you keep from lashing out about a partner’s infidelity?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a partner cheats on you, it can be a hard thing to overcome even after breaking up with them.  It’s easy to become angry at the world as the result of one incident.  Here are some ways to avoid it:

1. Keep balance in your life: Balance is critical after your partner cheats.  Force yourself to do things you normally do: go out with friends, eat healthy and try to have fun.

2. Laugh and cry: It’s good to find a way to laugh during such an emotional time.  Watch a funny movie or spend time with people who know how to make you smile.  That said, it’s okay to cry as well.  If you aren’t crying naturally, you can watch a sad movie or listen to sad music.  Don’t be afraid to cry it out.

3. Find someone new: It may take a while to be able to trust someone again, but don’t be afraid to take that chance.  Like Eva Longoria, finding someone new can help you on the path to forgiveness and letting go.

What are some ways you or a friend have coped with a partner’s infidelity? Share your experiences below.