Cupid's Pulse Article: Demi Moore Tweets Cryptic MessagesCupid's Pulse Article: Demi Moore Tweets Cryptic Messages

It looks like the drama hasn’t ended now that a divorce is imminent.  Despite a calm public statement, Demi Moore has been sending out seemingly cryptic tweets, under her handle which still reads’@mrskutcher.  According to Hollyscoop, her ex Ashton Kutcher has been sending “passive agressive jabs” at Moore in retaliation perhaps.  Even though they’ve split, the ex duo have still been going to counseling.  They have even been seen leaving a Kabbalah house together, despite arriving separately.  According to sources, Demi Moore has been on a “positive swing” despite the negative backlash that can often result from a divorce.


Cupid’s Advice:

Going through a breakup or divorce can be really difficult, and you may want to complain to anyone who will listen.  That’s probably not the best idea.  Cupid has some ways to grieve privately:

1. Surround yourself with family and friends: This is an important time to remember that though one relationship is ending, you still have many healthy relationships in your life remaining.  Ask your friends and family for support and let them know how they can support you through this difficult time.

2. Take time: It’s crucial to take some time to yourself to heal.  Don’t make any important life decisions right after a breakup.  Instead, take the time to pamper yourself and keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

3. Remember it’s okay to feel: Recognize that your feelings are normal.  Whether you’re sad, frustrated, annoyed or confused, those are all normal feelings that you’re allowed to experience.  These feelings will lessen over time as you begin to move on.

How have you dealt with a previous break up? Share your experience below.