Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Serenades Selena Gomez During AMA RehearsalCupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Serenades Selena Gomez During AMA Rehearsal

The Biebs is showing his romantic skills yet again!  This time, Justin Bieber serenaded girlfriend Selena Gomez during a rehearsal for the American Music Awards, according to UsMagazine. Despite Bieber’s paternity scandal, it doesn’t look like the cute duo is letting anything get them down. “At one point Justin even sang ‘I Feel Good’ a la James Brown, said a source. “They were totally adorable. They were snuggling in between takes, and he was serenading her!  They look as in love as ever.” The pop star is scheduled to perform a song from his new holiday CD at the awards show, while Gomez is slated to present.

What are three creative ways to show your partner you care?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can become routine to simply say the words “I love you” every day. It’s important to go out of your way periodically to actually show your partner you care, as well. Cupid has some ways:

1. Present them with love coupons: Make or buy some coupons good for things like a massage, a home cooked meal or a viewing of their favorite movie. It’ll show that you’re willing to go to certain lengths to please them.

2. Get a makeover: Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you don’t pay as much attention to the way you look around your partner. As a special treat, bring them out to dinner and show up as pretty or handsome as possible.

3. Write a love letter: It may sound corny, but often times a written letter that spells out your feelings for someone can be incredibly touching.

What are some other creative ways to show you care for your partner? Share your ideas below.