Cupid's Pulse Article: Dr. Diana Kirshner Talks ‘Love in 90 Days’Cupid's Pulse Article: Dr. Diana Kirshner Talks ‘Love in 90 Days’

By Krissy Dolor

A deadline for love?  According to Dr. Diana Kirschner, it’s possible!  This love expert, media psychologist, and author has helped both singles and couples on their road to love.  Based on clinical research and personal experience, Love in 90 Days guides you along your journey to self-discovery with good advice, and of course, tough love.  The author also addresses common mistaken beliefs about relationships and dating, and shares stories from women who have been successful in their own 90-day path to a great relationship.

How can you find love in 90 days?

Cupid’s Advice:

Love in 90 Days has step-by-step instructions, checklists, and homework assignments to aid those needing a little help in the romance department, as well as tips from women who have done it themselves.  Cupid caught up with Dr. Kirschner via email last month to talk about the book.  Take a look at what she had to say:

How did you come up with the ‘deadline,’ so to speak, of finding love in 90 days?

Because over the years, as I was helping more and more women find true love, they were able to do it faster and faster!  Ninety days to change your love life became a real, doable possibility, and a reality for many women.

Are people skeptical of your claim that anyone can find love in 90 days?

Yes.  But once I start outlining all the different steps you can use in the book to handle any dead-end-dating patterns and find lots of terrific men, they are convinced that it is possible!

There are exercises to use to stop yourself from being a “hermit,” or getting involved with guys too fast (the “Flame-Out”) so that it blows up in your face, and many more.  I describe 13 of these Deadly Dating Patterns and what to do about them.  And then we have dozens of ways to meet great guys, including ways to optimize your profile so that it comes up first on online dating sites when men search!  Also, places to go that are loaded with great guys where there is very little competition – and much more.

I have had women go from zero guys to having 200 to choose from!

Here’s one secret: skyrocket the number of people you meet online by simply changing your profile a bit every day – you’ll go to the top of the search engine on the site, and hundreds more will see you.

While writing your book, what was the most surprising piece of research you came across that you wanted to share with your readers?

That if you don’t recover from the depression of a break up by 16 weeks there is decreased brain activity in regions associated with emotion, motivation, and attention.

The paperback now has as chapter entitled ‘Dating Games Men Play.’  What made you decide to include a new chapter – and a chapter on this topic in particular?

So often women choose the wrong guy to give everything to!   And then when the relationship explodes, they suffer and tend to analyze what they did wrong to make it go south, and it wasn’t necessarily anything they did.  I wanted to give a clear road map to women to help them see who they are dealing with when they are dating.

Half the people in who are in relationships shouldn’t be in them.  There are 16 different sabotaging games men play in relationships.  Three are completely unworkable, and call for an immediate dump!  The other 13 are more workable.  So if you’re unhappy in a relationship, what you’ll learn in the Love in 90 Days paperback is how to figure out what the guy’s dead-end patterns are, and whether to keep him or dump him.

Best news of all – if you leave him, I can help you find someone new in 90 Days.

What’s the one piece of advice you want your readers to come away with after reading your book?

Know that you can find true love no matter what your age, size, or baggage from the past is!  You just need to learn how to do it.